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The Book

Henry’s Mysterious Voice

Henry’s story can be anyone’s. It is a tale of how to escape the humdrum of everyday life to venture out into the vast world outside of one’s own home. Sometimes, these adventures bring danger.

Henry is a cute, cuddly, little brown mouse who wants to be bold and adventurous. For years, he has listened to his “family’s” daily dinner table stories of what happened in their daily life. Some of the stories are so delightful he begins thinking he wants to go out and have some of those happenings in his life.

The one thing Henry will need to learn is how to stay safe. As long as he remained in the Wilson home, he is protected. Outside, he does not have that protection. Now he must fend for himself and keep himself safe. The question is, Will he be able to do this?

Rising from his house escape, a new concern follows him. There is a mysterious voice following him everywhere he goes. It even talks to him seemingly with love and concern for him, or is it an unknown danger for him? Why did the voice choose him?